2018-2019 Booster Club Members


Chad and Becky Bathke

David and Leslie Baylor

Scott and Nancy Bentley

Daryl and Mary Berg

Brandon and Andrea Bergman

Jesse and Danielle Bewer

Brian and Michaela Bies

Dave and Lori Bogie

David and Kelly Burkemper

Eric and Liz Chudzik

Doug and Mary Keziah Dehler

Adam and Stephanie Dobberstein

Ed Flynn

Nate and Carrie Goodman

Michael and Michelle Greguska

Mark and Angela Hansen

John and Mindy Heimsch

Dan Gill, Jeni Heinemann

Darrel and Carol Kaehler

JIm and Jodie Keene

Anand and Uma Kodali

Yasmin Bathena and Regi Kothari

Nick and Laurie Lochner

Jeff and Jen Looysen

Mark and Anne Maki

Mark and Stacey Newcomer

Mark and Laura Oelstrom

Tom and Theresa Opie

Ray and Teresa Reehm

Dave and Cindy Retherford

Steven and Amy Ross

Brian and Amanda Routhieaux

Tom and Nikki Sandvik

Ryan and Jill Schroeder

Brad and Michelle Servais

Brian and Adriane Sherman

Keith Skotzke and Charla Beutler

Dan and Nancy Sparacino

Don and Jolynn Steiler

Tim and Anne Trotier

Jamie and Stephanie Truog

Travis and Debra Tuttle

George and Sue Vuckovich

Douglas and Carolyn Wilary

Ben and Buffy Wilkey

David and Patti Young

Andrew and Kari Young

Mark and Paulette Zielsdorf


Jay and Jeanine Antczak

Christine/Nancy Bannister

Shelly Basso

Tyson and Dorian Loberg Beck

Melissa Beck

David and Joann Bell

Michael and Kirsten Bell

Chris and Jeannette Bernauer

Derek and Jodie Borckmann

Jeff and Heidi Brock

Mike and Sarah Cady

Denis and Angela Castillo

Tac and Page Chadwick

Scott and Kathy CIesielczyk

Jim and Marybeth Cottrill

Kevin and Kati Crary

Judith Crawford

Sandy Cunningham

Scott Cunningham

Eric and Christina

Mark and Tara Czerniejewski

Jeff and Theresa Dart

Troy Deibert

Steve and Julie Desidero

Steve and Vivian Dethloff

Dan/Peg Dettlaff

Tom and Stephanie Dillemuth

Steve and Missy Dindorf

Holly Dischler

John and Holly Donald

Eric and Cindy Ebenhoch

Jamie and Morgan Esser

Matt and Debbie Farra

Bob and Stacie Fedder

Sara Flynn

Kraig and Lori Forman

Mike and Lisa Foster

John and Carrie Gahan

Scott and Karen Geisel

Paul and Jamie Gensler

John and Heather Gergen

Sam and Anne Gerrits

Mike and Nikki Gordon

Lisa Hanson

Dan and Kristen Hext

Brad and Sabrina Hintz

Jeff and Trish Holzhauer

John and Shannon Hooyman

Michael and Dacia Hopkins

Stephanie Howard

Jim and Lisa Hueber

Joseph and Danette Janik

Brian and Jennifer Janowski

Steve and Carrie Jende

Michelle Jenkins

Troy and Sheila Jilot

Rob and Catherine Kaderavek

Brian and Susan Kammers

Neiland Lynn Keller

Joe and Jan Keskinen

Doug and Kim Kiser

Wayne and Jessie Kiser

Kevin and Tammy Knitter

Peter and Jennifer Knoke

Mark and Bridget Koch

Scott and Dawn Kozlik

Jennifer Labs

David Labs

Philip and Kathryn Laning

Scott and Melissa Lasko

Holly Leonard

Shane and Wendie Leveille

Shelly Longden

Edward and Kathy Longhini

Jon and Meg Burr-Lovelady

Rizwan and Elizabeth Loya

Steve and Sue Maasch

Jim and Karen Maderski

John and Kelley Maltsch

Richard McCullash/Michelle Henderson

Dan and Julie Miller

John and Debbie Mistele

Rick Mohr

Nick and Zorica Momalovic

Gregory and Katherine Moroder

Dave and Becky Niebler

Matt and Debbie Novak

Molly Pasdera

Kathy Perez and Johnny Smokovich

Mike and Kristin Postulart

Mike and Kathi Preboske

Rob and Cheri Schaefer

 Therese Shafer

Troy and Kristee Siblernagel

Tom and Keeci Sjoberg

Jeff and Jackie Skelnar

Colleen Rooney and Amy Skoug

Ryan and Maggie Smoot

Jonathan and Jill Sopha

Jennifer Spellman

Kathryn Stading

Mike and Jill Stoffield

Tyler and Kathy Syltie

Rick and Anita Tank

Grant and Kimberly Thekan

Rick and Jill Thomas

Craig and Lynn Turba

 Carl and Donna Tyggum

Jeff and Jennifer Van Domelen

Rob and Patty VanWilligen

Fred and Melanie Varin

John Loew and Paula Verboomen

Lindsay and Laura Wallace

Jared and Kelly Wentz

Carley and Mark West

Scott and Karen Wildman

Bill and Peg Winters

Tim and Beth Young Eagle

Dan and Carey Zigler

Rich and Rita Zipperer


Pragati and Yogesh Bansal

Daniel and Kerin Baumann

Troy and Tina Berglin

Mathew and Tammy Biebel

Eric and Cindy Borkenhagen

Mike and Amy Brandl

Scott and Mindy Brayman

Scott and Michelle Bunyer

Matt and Mary Burback

Mike and Jen Cahalan

Jeff and Tricia Casper

Maria Ciano

Barb Danner

Bob and Carrie Dempsey

Erik and Karen Eiden

Mark and Sharon Evers

Andy Fox

Paul and Gerise Greszczak

Mike and Cory Haight

Laura Harrigan

Corey and Debbie Honl

Bob and Pam Jackson

Paul and Bobbi Jansen

Brandon and Michelle Johnson

Laura Kleinhans

 Scott and Kati Kloss

Randy and Lynn Low

Dean and Kim McFadden

Scott and Tammy Oneal

Amy and Steve Ostop

Joetta Pollich

Mark and Jennifer Pollich

Mark and Jennifer Steffen

Steve and Becky Thomas

Tim and Paula Trokon

Tam Vo and Doung Duong

Ben and Denise Waller

Chris and Lisa Wills

Scott and Carrie Wille

Kurt and Angela Woelffer

Sherry Wolkzmir

Robert and Paula Young